Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekend devoted to essay 1 of Chicago Booth

I just now received a mail from that I have not updated my resume since last 13 months and I should not fall behind. Fall behind? This is something which I have been feeling since last one month. My friends throughout the country are either getting married or getting into b schools. And I - I am working..working hard to excel, giving my best to perform. And after GMAT its not only in office that I am performing but in my serach for the right programme as well. All my passions are casted aside. That is why its a hardship! But I know I will be through.
Anyways, I have written first part of my first essay and read it trillion times myself. The essay has three questions - How I chose my recent job? How has that experience influence my future goals? What about Chicago Booth makes me feel that it the next best in my career at this time? So I have completed the first question "How I chose my recent job?". And I am sending it across to family and a friend for evaluation after reading it several times once again. I chose Chicago Booth for writing my essay because after attending Information Session this wednesday, this is the school I know most. And still have to know more about this school. finding alums in linkedin and understanding the change in thier job roles they were able to make pre and post mba. I found a current student and few alums from my undergraduate school and that was pleasant.Thats good to see.
Sunday has always been a day of nice food. So I am planning to make Idli today. Its fresh air but with fragnance of frying onions from neighbors' window. So let me just get started with my cooking as well. Catch ya!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

This part of my life is called Searching!

Its time for a new beginning, I thought after giving my GMAT.Unfortunately for me, uptil then I didn't realize that unlike CAT in India,GMAT is just only one of the several dimensions to my entry in an MBA program in an international B school. There were big questions like which school should I shortlist? where I am a "fit"? I spent days and nights into blogs and b school websites, ranking and deciding where to go and what to forgo. But here I am , after almost one and half months of my GMAT, I havent completed even one single essay, have not zeroed down to one b school and not even sure whether a management education is necessary for what I want to achieve. It is always a great advantage to be good at mathematics and analytical ability and I know that can help me become a good investment manager or a consultant. But I dont want any of it. My perspective of a management education has always been that it can foster my potential of becoming a leader, a leader who is meant for serving others, for guiding others, for setting right examples. The aplication process is making me underpinning about what I want and what will I get if admitted. The hardship is the mapping that I have to do between what I want and what I can get. Yes, the good news is that I am remembering even those events of my life which were locked into the trunk. The starting point of why I want to do an mba was that I really like education and learning. And in mba I found an exact scope for it. I just want to maximize usage of my brain, open its blocked territories. Things are changing in my head continously even when I have not covered 10% of my journey. And after one month of continous visits to bschool websites, I have realized that it not only depens on how good you are and what you want but also how you are better than others and how your want is diverse than rest of the applicants. Practically thats right for bschools because after all they want the best mix. But when I looked at a larger level, education is just a medium of making individuals more succint and polish and should be given to all who deserve it. If applicant want to become investment manager he should not be filtered out on this criteria. At an individual level its a crime that a better applicant is dinged because his want is not diverse from most of the applicants. But yes B schools wants different perspectives in their classrooms and that can only happen when make of a class has diversity. This is one of the several aspects that I have come across in this process and I will keep on posting several others soon.